Heron Happenings – Aug. 17-23

We had a busy week at BCHS. Our students are settling into their classes – both traditionally and virtually. We are excited to see all our students and greatly appreciate their acceptance of the new safety/health protocols that we have set forth at BCHS.

Please remind your students that they need to go directly to first block when they arrive on campus. The tardy bell rings at 7:55.

You must have a parking pass to park on campus.

Also, we are strongly encouraging the wearing of a face covering (it helps slow the spread of COVID).

The softball team started their season with the JV team going 2-0 and the varsity team finishing the week 2-1. Region play starts this week!

Our cross country team started practice this week and the football team continue to work towards their opening game on September 4th.

Happy birthday to Mrs. Monica Ellis and Mrs. Michaela Bearden – today, August 16!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Varsity softball vs. Bacon – 6:00



Thursday: Varsity softball @ Long County – 5:30

Friday: Softball @ Crisp County (tournament)


Heron Happenings – Aug. 10-16

We had a marvelous first two days of school at BCHS. Our traditional learners did a great job with their movement from class to class and sanitization throughout the school. Our virtual learners begin their education with our virtual teachers. This year was certainly unique, but nonetheless we are excited to have our students back on campus and our entire faculty has worked hard to get everything in place for a great school year.

I do strongly encourage students to wear a mask when you cannot social distance (6 ft) – such as; when your teacher is helping you at your desk, walking from class to class, or other times you cannot social distance.

You guys did a magnificent job following the protocols in the lunchroom – I understand that as young adults you may not understand all the reasons by the school guidelines, but I appreciate you guys following.

Other reminders; walk on the right side of the hallway and don’t stop when moving from one class to another, go directly to first block in the morning, and car pick-ups wait in the lunchroom until your name is called.

Our football scrimmage have been cancelled by GHSA, but the plan is to still have a regular season (starting Labor Day weekend). We are excited to see our fans, football players, Heron band, cheerleaders, and ROTC at the games!

Our cross country team will begin full blast and they plan to have a regular season.

Our softball team had two games cancelled this week due to weather, but they are at home on Monday and Tuesday this week (4:00 and 6:00) and away at Coffee on Thursday. Come support our girls on Monday and Tuesday – sports are back!

If you have any issues or need any assistance please feel free to contact us at the school, 462-5121.

If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to stay home. If your absence is short term we will allow you to continue your work on google classroom.

This week at BCHS:

Monday: JV Softball – 4:00 vs Ware

Varsity softball – 6:00 vs Ware

Board Meeting at 7:00 PM

Tuesday: JV softball meeting – 4:00 vs Glynn Academy

Varsity softball – 6:00 vs Glynn Academy

Wednesday: Last day for Senior pictures

Yearbook pictures

Mrs. Tiree Carter’s birthday

Thursday: Junior Class ring delivery – 7:45 AM

JV softball – 4:00 @ Coffee

Varsity Softball – 6:00 @ Coffee



Heron Happenings – August 3-8

Whew… we have had a whirlwind of a last four and a half months! We are excited to begin the learning process for the 2020-2021 school year – both traditionally and virtually. This school year will provide some unique opportunities for the entire community, but the one thing I want to remind everyone is that our nest will stick together. We are in this together and we have to be a team to get through it.

Our faculty and staff have been working to plan for a clean and sanitary classroom, a top notch academic structure, and our nationally recognized extra-curricular activities! We are excited to have the Heron Nation back!

We do understand that there is a lot of apprehension in our society today and we will do our best to answer any and all questions that parents or students may have.

I do want to encourage students to wear a face mask when they cannot social distance (6 ft). This is not a mandatory ruling at BCHS, but it is a strong recommendation. This may ease the concerns of your fellow classmates and educators.

I also want to make sure that our students are respectful of all those around them, especially for those that decide to wear a mask or for those that decide not to wear a mask. We need to treat everyone with respect and have common decency to our classmates and faculty.

Also, please be cautious of others personal space, the secretions that may be spreading (body fluids – largely from mouth and nose). congregating in the hallways, and eating with the same group during lunch.

A few things for day one;

  1. Please go directly to first block (breakfast will be served in your classroom).
  2. Please self-check your temperature – if it does not meet the CDC or DPH guidelines for COVID then please stay home; we may check temperatures (as needed) https://dph.georgia.gov/covid-19-materials-and-resources
  3. If you have a mask and want to bring it, please do – we will have some available of those that don’t have one, but would like one
  4. Please be ready to sign into you google email (download app) and google classroom (download app as well)
  6. We are excited to see you all!
  • Our nest will stick together! Herons are tough!


Dr. Horner, Principal

Heron Happenings – March 9- 14

We have had a great week! Reminder that we have midterms this week! On Wednesday, May 11 we will have 1st and 3rd block and Thursday, May 12 we will have 2nd and 4th block.

Parents and students, please make sure that you have access to your Powerschool so that you can follow your grades! Grades for the first 9 weeks will be finalized after midterms- please make sure that you are getting your work complete and turned in!

Our spring sports are in full blast and our clubs are traveling a lot to their state competitions and meetings.

This week at BCHS:

Monday – JV baseball at Wayne – 5:30 PM

Tuesday – Boys and girls golf at Laura Walker – 3:15

Track at Ware – 3:30

Girls soccer at McIntosh – 5:00

JV baseball vs. Glynn – 5:30

Varsity baseball at Appling – 6:00

Wednesday – Midterms – 1st and 3rd block

Thursday – End of third 9 weeks

Midterms – 2nd and 4th block

Tennis vs Liberty – 4:00

Baseball vs. Appling – 6:00

Friday – NO SCHOOL

Girls soccer at Pierce – 5:00

Baseball at Appling – 6:00

Tennis at Lowndes Tournament

Saturday – State Tech competition at Kennesaw State

Tennis at Lowndes Tournament

Herons Happenings – March 2-7

We are nearing the end of the first 9 weeks in the Spring semester! Time certainly flies! We are really pushing for our students to be in attendance every day and for them to give their best effort. Please continue to encourage every student to show up and give their best!

We have had a busy extra-curricular week at BCHS! We opened up Monday with one of the more exciting times of the year, the County Hog Show. The students did a great job and our supporters were marvelous as well!

Our athletic teams were hampered again by the weather, but that has not deterred them from preparing for region play! All of our teams competed this week and saw successes!

*Midterms are March 11-12

This week at BCHS:

Monday: tennis at Fernandina Beach – 4:00 PM

JV baseball home to Wayne County

Tuesday: Golf at Jesup – 3:30

Girls Soccer at Long – 5:00

Baseball home to Wayne – 5:30


Thursday: Josh Strickland signing – 2:00

Track at Ware – 3:30

Tennis at Tattnall – 4:00

Baseball vs. Coffee – 6:00

Friday: Tennis vs. S. Effingham – 4:00

Baseball vs. Brunswick – 6:00

Saturday: JV baseball at Charlton – 11:00 AM


Heron Happenings – Feb. The 24-29

Thank you all for a great week at BCHS! Please remind your students that attendance matters, being at school is important! Being at school in time is important! Also, making the best grades they can is important! We know that our students are working hard and giving their best effort!

Our FFA had a great showing at the state hog show with Mattie Ann Davis placing first place!

Our spring sports are in full swing – the rain held off some of the events, but the baseball team did get a big win on Friday night!

The book fair will be held this entire week in the media center

This week at BCHS:

Monday: County Hog Show – 4:00-7:00 at Ag barn

JV tennis at Wayne – 4:00

Tuesday: Golf vs Ware at Okefenokee  – 3:30

Tennis home to Glynn Academy -4:00

Girls soccer at Tattnall – 5:00

Baseball home to Glynn – 5:00


Thursday: Track at Ware – 3:30

baseball at Glynn Academy – 5:30

JV baseball vs. Camden – 5:30

Friday: PBIS celebration at 2:00

Girls soccer vs. Liberty – 5:0

Sadie Hawkins Dance – 7:00-10:00 PM

Saturday: FFA pheasant shoot – 9:00-11:00 AM

Baseball at Camden – 1:00 PM (doubleheader)

Heron Happenings – Feb. 17-22

We had a busy week – progress reports went out a week ago! Please make sure your students are at school and working hard toward their credits and graduation!

I know the spring fever can set in, but attendance and work ethic are important when it comes to passing classes!

Our wrestlers did well at the state meet! We are proud of the season they had.

The girls basketball team lost in the first round of the state playoffs, but had a marvelous season!

Courtney Hand competed in the region FCCLA competition and will move onto the state competition! We are proud of her.

Our FFA travels to Perry this week for their final Hog show of the season, We wish them good luck in Perry. Our county hog show will be at 4:00 PM on February 24th. Please join us. The county show will not be the same this year with the passing of Mr. EC and Mr. Wainwright, but we know they will be watching from heaven!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: baseball vs Ware – 5:30

Tuesday: girls soccer vs Pierce – 5:00

JV baseball at Glynn – 5:00

Baseball at Brunswick – 6:00


Thursday:  Tennis at Fernandina – 4:00

JV baseball at Camden – 5:30

Friday: Herff Jones (sophomores) order rings during lunch

Tennis vs. Richmond Hill – 4:00

Girls soccer at Appling – 5:00

JV baseball at Ware – 5:00

Saturday: baseball vs. Fannin County @ Brunswick – 7:00

Heron Happenings – Feb. 10-15

Boy, we had a busy week at BCHS! There was lots of learning going on in the classroom and lots of successes outside the classroom!

I am extremely proud of the geometric projects that Mrs. Murray’s class completed! They are awesome and on display throughout the school!

We had multiple employees off at professional development opportunities throughout the last few weeks and are excited about all the things they are brining back to help our students be better! It is always a great time to learn from others!

Our FFA had a great showing this week with multiple teams finishing top 10! We are extremely proud of all their hardworking and success!

Our wrestling team will send 4 wrestlers to the state tournament next week in Macon.

Our girls basketball team finished 3rd in the region tournament and will play Jackson High School on Friday night (away) at 6:00 PM.

Our baseball and tennis teams have gotten underway. The tennis team is undefeated and the baseball team had their first scrimmage against #3 ranked Bacon County – they lost in extra innings.

The girls soccer team will start Tuesday night! The track and golf teams will begin soon!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: JV baseball home to Brunswick – 5:00

Tuesday: Tennis at Ware – 4:00

Girls soccer vs. McIntosh – 5:00 PM

Baseball at Wayne – 6:00 PM

Wednesday: Wrestlers leave for Macon

Thursday: Tennis at Tattnall – 4:00 PM

Baseball at Ware- 5:30

JV baseball vs. Glynn Academy – 5:30

Wrestlers competing at state meet

Friday: PBIS celebration at the school

JV baseball vs Ware – 5:00

Baseball at Charlton – 5:30

Girls Basketball – 1st round of state playoffs – at Jackson High School- 6:00 PM



Heron Happenings – Feb. 3-8

BCHS had a great week! Our athletic and extra curricular programs are doing great. The FBLA and FFA have had great success the last two weeks! That will continue to be the case as they finalize region and state competitions!

Our basketball teams had a great week – the JV team finished up their season and the girls team beat Pierce and Appling! They have finished second (earning a spot in the state playoffs) going into the region playoffs! The boys teams lost to Pierce, but beat Appling to finish fifth in the region. The boys will play Tuesday and the girls will play Thursday.

Our tennis and baseball teams will begin this week as well!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Sophomores to purchase rings during lunches

FAFSA meeting at 6:00 in the media center.

Tennis at home to Jeff Davis- 4:00

Tuesday: Boys basketball at Liberty vs. Tattnall at 5:30

Counselor appreciation day

Wednesday: Baseball at Bacon County – 6:00

Thursday: Girls basketball at Long vs TBD – 4:00

Boys basketball – TBD

Friday: Girls and boys basketball – TBD

Wrestling sectionals at Pike HS

Progress Reports

Saturday: Job fair at Okefenokee RESA

Wrestling sectionals at Pike HS


Heron Happenings – January 27-Feb. 1

We have had a busy week at BCHS. The classes are starting to be in full swing! Please make sure that your students are attending school every day – their attendance is vital to success.

The basketball teams won against Tattnall on Tuesday night and the girls beat Liberty on Friday night.

The wrestlers had a great meet in Toombs with Connor Jacobs finishing third at the meet.

Our spring sports are all going strong.

This week at BCHS:

Monday – Herff Jones meeting with sophomores about class rings

Tuesday – Basketball at Pierce – JV boys at 4:15 and Varsity starting at 6:00


Thursday – Faculty meeting after school

Friday – Wrestling the region individual meet

Basketball at Appling – 6:00 PM

Region Tech competition