Heron Happenings- April 19-24

We have had a busy week at BCHS!!

We are five weeks away from summer and graduation!!!

Please note our social media pages for some important dates that were shared for the last few weeks of school!

This Thursday we will be having Academic Signing Day for our Seniors that are attending College or joining the Military. Parents of those students are welcome!

Please encourage your students to finish strong!! Graduation is right around the corner!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Region track at Appling County – 3:30

BCHS ladies tennis at Burke County- 1st round of the state playoffs – 1:00 PM

Tuesday: Region track at Appling County – 10:00

Golf at Lakeview golf course – 3:30

Baseball hosting Pierce – 6:00

Wednesday: FFA state convention starts

Free sports physicals after school

Thursday: Academic signing day – 9:00 AM

FFA state convention

Baseball at Pierce- 6:00

Friday: Mr. Sean Shannon birthday

Baseball hosting Pierce- 6:00

FFA state convention

Saturday: PROM – 8:00-11:30 PM

Junior walk starts at 9:00 with the Senior walk directly after. It will be live-streamed!

Heron Happenings – April 12-18

I hope that everyone had a great spring break! We are on the home stretch for this school year!

As we prepare for the ending of the school year we will be assessing some areas where students suffered learning loss during the COVID pandemic and we will be offering a few different options to provide opportunities to gain some of the losses!

We will offer two summer school sessions for students that loss credits due to various reasons. This will be a great time for students to catch up on the credits that were not earned. The sessions will be the following:

June 1-30

July 7-30

The exact times will be decided once we get a final count of those students that will attend summer school.

We are also going to offer an SAT prep course in the lead up to the next few SAT test dates. The exact details will be published in the near future! If you plan to take the SAT in May or June please see Mrs. McNease soon about signing up! This is free for BCHS students!

April 10 – Happy birthday to Mr. Scott Johnson

April 11 – Happy birthday to Mrs. Ashley Crews

This week at BCHS:

Monday: School is back in!

Basketball banquet

Tuesday: Hosting the boys tennis region tournament starting at 10:00 AM

Track at Ware County – 3:30

Soccer at Appling County – 5:00

Baseball at Long County – 6:00

Wednesday: Girls region tennis tournament at Appling County – 10:00 AM

FFA meeting – electing officers

Thursday: State FFA forestry

Golf at Laura Walker – 3:30

Baseball hosting Long County – 6:00

OREMC Awards Banquet – 7:00 PM

Friday: Ms. Danielle Cohen’s birthday

SWI to meet with Rising Seniors – 8:30 AM

State FFA Officer candidate interviews.

Soccer at Tattnall – 5:00 PM

Baseball at Long County – 6:00 PM

Heron Happenings – March 29 – April 4 – Orientation Week!

Registration week for all upcoming 10-12 graders!

We will enter the last 7 weeks of school this week! Students, please be sure that you are keeping up with your work. It is extremely difficult to overcome a zero – apathy has to be overcome to be successful in life! Make sure you are giving your maximum effort!

I have no doubt that each of you will do your best! Continue to work hard and focus on your academics!

We have a busy week before Spring Break! Please make sure you are at school all five days, especially you Seniors! We are on the short rows when it comes to this school year! Graduation is 7 weeks away!

This week is orientation for the upcoming 10-12 graders! We had a great week of orientation for our upcoming 9th graders!

On Monday night we will host an orientation night for our 10th graders at 6:00 PM and our 11-12 graders at 7:30 PM. We hope to see all parents here!

Happy birthday to Head football coach Geoff Cannon – Sunday, March 28.

This week at BCHS:

Monday: 10th grade orientation – 6:00 PM

11-12 grade orientation – 7:30 PM

Tennis at Stanton Prep (Jacksonville) – 4:00

FFA Applications due; agriscience fair, FFA affiliation, Class rosters, FFA Rosters National Chapter, State Convention

Tuesday: 12th grade orientation – 1st hall – starting that morning

JV baseball at Liberty County – 4:00 PM (DH)

Baseball Senior Night vs Camden – 5:30 PM

Chorus Dinner Theater – 6:30 PM

Wednesday: 11th grade registration – 1st hall – starting that morning

Tennis hosting Fernandina Beach

Thursday: 10th grade registration – 1st hall – starting that morning

FFA area forestry field day

FFA National Chapter and Agriscience fair report

Golf at Hazlehurst – 3:15

Track at Glynn Academy – 3:30

Tennis at Wayne – 4:00 PM

Friday: Soccer at Long County – 5:00 PM

Baseball host Wayne – 5:30

Finalize all grade levels registration

Heron Happenings – March 22-28

We had a good week of midterms! Report cards went home on Friday. Please make sure if your student has any missing work that they get that completed as soon as possible.

We are on the home stretch for this school year. I am thankful for how amazing our community, students, and staff have handled a very difficult year.

For those students that have had setbacks throughout the school year we will be offering two summer school sessions; June 7-30 and July 7-30. If your child suffered learning loss or is behind on credits we will be contacting you to get your child signed up for one or both sessions.

This week at BCHS:

Monday: 9th grade orientation – 6:30

Golf at Pine Forest – 3:30

JV baseball vs. Charlton – 5:30

Tuesday: FFA Forestry Field Day

FFA Livestock Adhoc

8C (middle school) will tour BCHS – 8:15

Golf at Glynn – 3:30

Track at Ware – 3:45

Tennis host Pierce – 4:00

Baseball at Tattnall – 5:30

Wednesday: 8A (middle school) will tour BCHS – 1:15

Thursday: Chorus Dress Rehearsal

8B (middle school) will tour BCHS – 8:15

Golf at Okefenokee – 3:15

Tennis host Camden – 4:00

Baseball host Tattnall – 5:30

JV baseball at Brunswick – 5:30

Friday: Beauty Pageant

Baseball at Tattnall – 5:30

Saturday: State FFA Meats – CDE – Athens

Heron Happenings – March 15-21; Senior Parents – lots of end of year information

We have finished midterms. If your students missed a midterm, please make sure they get it made up as soon as possible.

We will pass out report cards on Friday!

We are on the home stretch for this school year and graduation for the Class of 2021!

Graduation is May, 21, 2021.

Prom is April 24, 2021.

We are planning to have a normal Senior Honors night at 6:30 on May 17, 2021.

We will do our underclassmen honors day on May 18 – it will be live-streamed. It will be a virtual ceremony for all underclassmen.

We will host our academic signing day on April 22, 2021 at 9:00 in the school cafeteria. Seniors will be allowed to have two guest for this event.

Hoop and Holler will be on May 14th – which is the traditional day that we host this event.

*Band Auxiliary tryouts start this Monday and end Friday!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Mrs. Shannon Rhoden Birthday

Band Auxiliary tryouts start – end Friday!

JV tennis at Pierce

Varsity Soccer at McInstosh

Tuesday: FFA Foresty Field Day

FFA South Region EMC

Golf at Jekyll Island – 3:30

Track at Jeff Davis – 3:45

Tennis at Appling – 4:00

Band Auxiliary tryouts

JV baseball host Brunswick – 5:30

Varsity baseball at Bacon – 6:00

Wednesday: Band Auxiliary tryouts

Thursday: JV Tennis at Glynn Academy – 4:00

Bandy Auxiliary tryouts

Soccer at Appling County – 5:00

Varsity baseball hosting Coffee – 5:30

JV Baseball at Wayne – 5:30

Friday: Soccer at Long County- 5:00 PM

Baseball host Bacon County – 6:00 PM

**Report Cards go home.

Tennis at Golden Isles Tournament

Saturday: FFA State CDE Events

Tennis at Golden Isles

JV Baseball at Charlton – 11:00 AM (Doubleheader

Heron Happenings – March 8-14

This week marks the end of the third nine weeks. Students will be taking midterms on Wednesday (1st and 3rd) and Thursday (2nd and 4th). Reminder that students cannot be checked out during during midterms, finals, or EOC’s.

Please make sure that your students are completing any make up work that they may have.

We have been blessed to have low numbers of COVID cases at BCHS, but I do want to continue to ask you all to be careful with social distancing.

We are excited to start our fourth nine weeks and are looking forward graduation! May 21, 2021 will be here before we know it!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: JV baseball host Camden County – 5:30

Tuesday: Mrs. Heather Thomas birthday

Golf at Laura Walker – 3:30

Tennis host Clinch – 4:30

JV baseball at Ware – 5:00

Varsity baseball at Wayne – 6:00

Soccer host Appling – 5:00

Wednesday: Midterms – 1st and 3rd block

National FFA observance week

JV tennis at Ware – 4:00

Thursday: Midterms – 2nd and 4th block

Golf at Laura Walker – 3:30

Tennis host Yule – 4:00

JV baseball at Long County – 5:00

Soccer at Pierce – 5:00

Baseball host Charlton – 5:30

FFA – Area competitions

Friday: Mr. Chad Crews birthday


Varsity baseball at East Laurens

Saturday: Mr. Stuart Thrift birthday

Heron Happenings – March 1-7

We are getting close to the end of the nine weeks! Midterms are on March 10th and 11th. Reminder that during midterms that students cannot be checked out during their test.

We know this has been a unique year with students being absent, but I want to implore each of you to make sure you are keeping up with your work when you are absent. Student mastery is still a top priority at BCHS!

If you have questions about your students grade please feel free to contact their teacher.

Reminder that students cannot be checked out after 2:45.

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Mr. Richard Bloods birthday

JV Baseball at Camden County – 5:00

Varsity soccer hosting McIntosh – 5:00

Tuesday: FFA Forestry Field Day

Senior announcement deliveries – 7:45 AM

Class Ring order for Sophomores – 7:45 AM

Golf at Pine Forest (Jesup) – 3:30

Tennis hosting Fernandina Beach – 4:00

JV baseball at Wayne County – 5:30

Wednesday: FFA Meeting

Coach AJ Hendrix birthday

Thursday: Coach Courtney Parsons birthday

FFA Region Ag Mechanics in Tifton

Track at Glynn Academy – 3:30

Tennis at Valdosta – 4:30

Varsity baseball hosting Brunswick – 5:30

Friday: FFA Foundation GALA

Coach Dean Horne birthday

Principals Advisory Council meeting – 7:45

Varsity Soccer hosting Long County – 5:00

Varsity baseball at Wayne County – 5:30

Heron Happenings- February 22-28

Our academic classes are well on their way. Please make sure your student is completing their work. May 21 and graduation will be here before we know it!

Our spring sports are beginning their season. Come out and support those student-athletes!

Our band will have their auxiliary tryouts week!! If you are interested in joining our marching band make sure to contact Mr. Noah Jackson!

National FFA week is this week!!!

This week at BCHS;

Monday– FFA county livestock show- 4:00; auction starts at 7:00

JV tennis vs Ware – 4:00 PM

JV baseball at Pierce – 5:00 PM

Tuesday– Lady Herons at Morgan County – 5:30

Varsity soccer vs Pierce – 5:00 PM

Golf at Okefenokee against Ware – 3:30

Tennis home to Brunswick- 4:00

JV baseball at Ware- 5:30

Varsity baseball at Charlton- 5:30

Wednesday– Concert band at Ware – 11:00 AM

FFA Poultry competition

Thursday– Wander with Wagner meeting – 6:00 PM

tennis at Richmond Hill – 4:00

JV baseball vs Glynn Academy -5:30

Friday– soccer at home Tattnall – 5:00

Saturday– Baseball- TBD

Heron Happenings – Feb 15-21

We have had a great week at BCHS! We had three wrestlers finish in the top eight at the state competition and two other finished in the top twelve.

Our FFA students will compete at the livestock shows in Perry this week! Let’s wish those students a lot of luck!

Our spring sports are underway this week! We are finishing the regular season with the region tournament. The state tournament will be the following week. Our ladies are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs! The boys are in the hunt for a playoff spot!

Please contact us at the school if you have questions or concerns!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Boys varsity team at Long County vs. Tattnall County – 7:00 PM ($5 a game)

Baseball home to Wayne County – 5:30

Tuesday: Tennis at Tattnall – 4:00 PM

Girls varsity basketball at Tattnall vs. Pierce – 4:30 ($5 a game)

Baseball home to Ware – 5:30

JV baseball at Glynn Academy – 5:30

Wednesday: Marcia Wells birthday

FFA Livestock show

Thursday: FFA Livestock show

Tennis at Coffee County – 4:00

Baseball at Coffee County – 6:00 PM

JV baseball home to Wayne – 5:30

Friday: FFA livestock show

BCHS tech competition

JV baseball vs. Pierce – 5:30

Heron Happenings – Feb. 8-13

We have had an eventful week at BCHS! Our students are working hard on their classes! Please make sure that if you student misses a day of school that they are emailing (or touching base with their teachers) about missed work! We don’t want students to get behind! If we can help at all with any issues please don’t hesitate to reach out to your teacher or an administrator at the school.

Our wrestlers scored the most points at the Area individual competition on Friday! All of our boys that competed in the Area competition advanced to the state match in Macon. Way to go Herons! The girls will compete in Macon this upcoming week as well!

Our basketball teams are closing in on the end of the season. The region tournament is just around the corner.

All of our Spring sports and extra-curricular activities are in full swing! I highly encourage all students to get involved!

This week at BCHS:


Tuesday: Tennis home to Glynn Academy – 4:00 PM

JV Basketball home to Charlton – 4:15

Varsity basketball home to Charlton – 6:00 SENIOR NIGHT

Wednesday: Sophomore class – first day to order your class ring

Wrestlers at the state competition

Thursday: wrestlers at the state competition

Tennis home to Ware – 4:00

JV Boys basketball home to Pierce – 5:00

Varsity boys basketball home to Pierce – 6:30

Friday: JV girls basketball home to Pierce – 5:00

Varsity girls basketball home to Pierce – 6:30

Saturday: FFA CDE events at Camp John Hope

**No School on Monday, February 15.