Heron Happenings – Dec. 13-18

We had a good week of End of Course Test! This has been a crazy semester, but we are certain our students did their best!

Reminder, that any student who missed their EOC will have make-ups on Monday and Tuesday.

Per the state Department of Education, these EOC’s will count the normal 20% that they did prior to COVID. Last school year, they lowered the percentage, but they have not done that this time.

We have regular school days on Monday and Tuesday followed by finals on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday will be 1st and 2nd block finals – during 1st and 2nd block.

Thursday will be 3rd and 4th block finals – during 1st and 2nd block time schedules. On Thursday, students still on campus will go to their 1st during the 3rd block time and 2nd block during the 4th block time.

Friday is a half day for all students.

If you missed our dual band and chorus concert on Thursday night in the BCHS gym then you missed a real treat. The BCMS and BCHS band and chorus were really amazing!

We hope that everyone has a great Christmas break. It is a great time to have some nice, fun, and relaxing family time.

This week at BCHS:

Monday – EOC Makeups

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Football Banquet – 6:00 PM

Tuesday – EOC Make-ups

Wrestling at Ware – 5:00 PM

JV boys at Hillard 4:30

Varsity basketball at Hillard – 6:00

Wednesday – Finals – 1st and 2nd block

Thursday – 3rd and 4th block finals – during 1st and 2nd block

Staff Christmas Luncheon

Friday – 1/2 day of school

Wrestling at Toombs County – 3:00 PM

Basketball at Bacon – 6:00

Saturday – Wrestling at Toombs County – 9:00

JV Boys and Girls basketball at Ware – 2:00 PM

Varsity basketball at Ware – 5:00

*I will send a Christmas break update next week with any events over the break!

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