Heron Happenings – March 8-14

This week marks the end of the third nine weeks. Students will be taking midterms on Wednesday (1st and 3rd) and Thursday (2nd and 4th). Reminder that students cannot be checked out during during midterms, finals, or EOC’s.

Please make sure that your students are completing any make up work that they may have.

We have been blessed to have low numbers of COVID cases at BCHS, but I do want to continue to ask you all to be careful with social distancing.

We are excited to start our fourth nine weeks and are looking forward graduation! May 21, 2021 will be here before we know it!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: JV baseball host Camden County – 5:30

Tuesday: Mrs. Heather Thomas birthday

Golf at Laura Walker – 3:30

Tennis host Clinch – 4:30

JV baseball at Ware – 5:00

Varsity baseball at Wayne – 6:00

Soccer host Appling – 5:00

Wednesday: Midterms – 1st and 3rd block

National FFA observance week

JV tennis at Ware – 4:00

Thursday: Midterms – 2nd and 4th block

Golf at Laura Walker – 3:30

Tennis host Yule – 4:00

JV baseball at Long County – 5:00

Soccer at Pierce – 5:00

Baseball host Charlton – 5:30

FFA – Area competitions

Friday: Mr. Chad Crews birthday


Varsity baseball at East Laurens

Saturday: Mr. Stuart Thrift birthday

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