Heron Happenings – Sept. 28 – Oct. 4

We had a great homecoming week at BCHS! Our students were really involved in the dress up days throughout the week.

Our homecoming King was announced on Thursday during lunch- congrats to Bae Allen on winning that honor!

Our homecoming court was presented during halftime of the football game. Congratulations to Queen Sydnie Middleton and her court!

Teachers will have flexibility when they offer midterm exams. The following times will be utilized for midterms;

1st and 3rd block – Oct. 1st or 7th

2nd and 4th block – Oct. 2nd or 8th

Each student will be aware by Tuesday of this week which classes will be on which days.

Softball Senior Night is Tuesday

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Varsity softball at Glynn – 6:00

Tuesday: JV softball home to Long – 4:00

Varsity Softball home to Long – 6:00 *Senior Night


Thursday: Midterm (1st and 3rd)

Cross Country at Wayne – 4:30

JV football at MCA – 5:00 (recreation department

Softball home to Tattnall – 6:00

Friday: Midterms (2nd and 4th)

Varsity football at Frederica Academy

Saturday: FFA Area Officer Training

Heron Happenings – Sept 21- 27

We had a busy week at BCHS. The weather caused us to have a to have a virtual learning day on Friday as well as many athletic cancellations. However, we were able to honor our Seniors on Friday night.

Our football team played hard on Friday night, but came up just short.

Reminder that our classes are in full force. Students need to make sure they are doing their best to compete all of their assignments. If you have questions please reach out to your students teacher.

This week is homecoming week! We are excited for our game and festivities this week.

Our softball schedules is being revamped slightly to accommodate for all the weather cancellations that our region teams have had.

Please encourage your students to participate in our dress up days.

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Dress up – Young vs. Old

Make up picture day for underclassroom

Virtual pics 8:30-9:15 (if you did not come the first day)

Tuesday: Dress up – Tacky Tourist

JV softball at Pierce – 4:00

Varsity softball at Pierce – 6:00

Wednesday: Dress up – Character/Meme

Thursday: Dress up – Throwback/Decades

JV softball host Pierce – 4:00

Varsity softball host Pierce – 6:00

Cross Country at Ware – 4:30

Mr. Justen White birthday

Homecoming King announced during lunch

Friday: Dress up – Spirit Day

Varsity Football home to Bacon County – 7:30

Homecoming Queen announced at Halftime

Mrs. Leasa Wagner birthday

Saturday: Varsity softball hosting Appling – 11:00 AM

Heron Happenings – Sept. 14 – 20

Losing one of your own is never easy. Everyone grieves in different ways. The one thing I know as a fact this week is how much we will miss Captain Danny Norris. He was an integral part of the faculty at both BCHS and BCMS. His jovial and loving spirit is missed. Also, his unique skill set when it comes to keeping our students and faculty safe. I have no doubt that Capt. Norris would have put his life on the line to protect any person in our buildings, but more importantly he continually focused on building positive relationships with students. With the hope that he would be able to turn a trouble young person into a child that can see the bright side. I have watched him multiple times talk to students that were in precarious situation and did so with love and understanding — while also being firm!

Captain Norris – 902 – you are thankful that you were a part of our lives! You will be missed, but I have no doubt you would be telling us to press on and help as many people as we can! We will continue that mission!

Our students have continued to press on with their school work and I could not be more happy with their progress! Our teachers have taken all the bumps so seamlessly that you would never realize that we are in a worldwide pandemic.

The weather stopped many of our athletic events this week. The football team lost a tough game to a much bigger school, SE Bullock. The JV football team defeated Charlton 6-0. Our cross country and softball teams continued to work to get better!

Our CTSO’s (clubs) are starting to ramp up some of their meetings. I strongly encourage parents to talk with their children about joining a club!

Tomorrow is Mrs. Heather Jacobs birthday! Sept. 13

This week at BCHS:

Monday: JV softball home to Coffee – 4:00

Varsity Softball home to Coffee – 6:00

Tuesday: JV softball at Tattnall – 4:00

Softball at Tattnall – 6:00


Thursday: JV softball home to Appling – 4:00

Varsity softball home to Appling – 6:00- Senior night

Cross Country in Hazlehurt

Friday: Varsity football vs. Jeff Davis – Senior Night

Sunday: Mrs. Beth Bowers birthday (20th)

Heron Happenings – Sept. 8-12

We have had a good week at BCHS. Our progress reports went out on Thursday, please continue to work hard on your classes. Our goal is for each of you to graduate high school and we will push, prod, and pull you along the way. We hope that each of you have the same goal! Let’s reach our goals together!

Please continue to remember that academics are our main focus. I will make you one promise – if you put in full effort in your class work you will pass those classes. Life is about effort, the more effort you put in the more you get out of each situation! Work hard and great things will occur!

We had class officer elections this week! There will be a second vote next week! We are proud of all of our students.

Our softball team host Pierce County on Tuesday, but the weather caused us to have reschedule for this Tuesday, September 8.

Our football team had a tough game in Folkston, GA on Friday night. Our young Herons will continue to improve throughout the season!

Our cheerleaders did an amazing job. Our band was SPECTACULAR! The AV group live streamed the game and the AT kids were helping Mrs. Middleton throughout the game!

Our cross country kids ran on Thursday in Jesup and had a good showing. They followed up with a race on Jekyll this Saturday morning.

This week at BCHS:

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Varsity softball hosting Pierce – 6:00 PM (rematch)

Wednesday: Mrs. Karen Hunnicutt’s birthday

Thursday: JV football at Charlton – 5:00 PM

Varsity softball hosting Long County – 5:30 PM

Friday: Letterman jackets on sale during lunch

Varsity football hosting SE Bullock – 7:30