Heron Happenings – May 20- 25

Graduation Week!!! We are so proud of our seniors!

Reminder that graduation is at 7:00 PM this year!!!! 

We have a busy week, the following will be going on:

Monday: Senior Honors Night practice – 8:30 AM

Senior Honors Night – 6:30

Tuesday: Underclassmen honors day – 8:30 AM (we will send home notes with students on Monday if they are being recognized)

Wednesday: Finals for 9th- 11th graders

1st block – 1st block (final)

2nd block – 3rd block (final)

3rd block – 2nd block

4th block – 4th block

Thursday: Finals for 9th-11th graders

1st block – 2nd block (final)

2nd block – 4th block (final)

3rd block – 3rd block

4th block – 1st block

*Please note the time changes.

Friday: Half day of school

** Graduation practice 9:00 – 12:00 (mandatory)


Heron Happenings- May 13-18

BCHS is winding down the school year… students were given their exemption forms on Thursday.

We have END OF COURSE EXAMS all this week! Please make sure your students are on time this week!

Senior finals are May 16 (Thursday).

Hoop and Holler is May 17- starting around 8:10

May 20-21- Elise Nuenke state golf

May 20- 6:30- senior honors night

May 21- 8:30- Honors day- 9-11 graders

May 22-23; finals- 9-11 graders

May 24- grad practice – 9:00 AM

Graduation at 7:00 PM

Heron Happenings – May 6 -11

Congrats to Elise Nuenke- she has qualified for the state golf tournament!

We sent a large group of track and field athletes to the sectionals this weekend…  the rain stopped the completion, but not before Brooke Evans was able to qualify for the state completion. Others will finish up Monday.

Beta reception is Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30!

Also, please add. Graduation practice on May 24 at 9:00 AM.

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