Great first week!! 2018-2019

We had a great first week at BCHS! The teachers and students were magnificient all week long!

We will begin on new vocabulary words school wide on Monday. Students will be learning 10 academic vocabulary in all four blocks and will be quizzed in all four block over these words. Teachers will have the autonomy to add in content vocabulary words in their class. It will be paramount for your students to learn these 10 words because they will be recieve a quiz grade every week in every class!

The softball team competed in a handful of away games and the football team hosted defending state champion, Clinch County, on Friday night. The cheerleaders and band did an amazing job creating a wonderful atmosphere!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: JV and Varsity softball at Lowndes

Tuesday: JV and Varsity softball at Camden

Wednesday: Underclassmen/Staff pictures

Last chance for Senior pictures

Thursday: Softball at Glynn Academy

Friday: football is off

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