Heron Happenings – August 27- September 1

We had a great week at BCHS! Students are getting into the flow of the school year. Students will be getting closer and closer to having more test, quizzes, and homework. Please make sure to discuss with your child about their grades and attendances — both are vital for success!

Our softball team split their first two region games against Tattnall and Pierce. The football team lost Friday night to Charlton County.

Softball game – Thursday: the softball facility is still under construction, but we will host our game this Thursday. The construction area will be fenced off and no one should be inside the fenced in area. All gates entering the school will be closed excluding the gate by first hall. All spectators will have to pay as they enter the gate in their vehicles.

This week at BCHS:

Monday: Softball at Jeff Davis

FBLA Officer Induction

Tuesday: JV and Varsity softball at Long

Wednesday: Open

Thursday: JV and Varsity softball at home to Appling

JV football at Charlton

Friday: Varsity football at Atkinson County

Saturday: Cross country at Jekyll Island Invitational

August 20-25 – Go Herons

We have had a great second week at BCHS! Lots of rain have caused many cancellations for our athletic teams, but the softball team did win at Glynn Academy 7-6 on Thursday!


Our students are starting to settle in and had their first week with our academic vocabulary push! Students will have 10 words a week (250 total this year) to learn each week! Please make sure they are studying these words at night.

Over the summer and the first weeks of school we had a few additions to the Heron family, please join me congratulating the following fathers: Coach Cannon, Coach Howard, and Mr. Blake Johns!

  • If you are tagging any BCHS events on social media, please use the following hashtags (#),  #goherons #bethechangeyouwanttosee #watchusfly

We will begin having drawings for students that participate in our breakfast plan, so please encourage your students to eat breakfast at school! They are serving grits 2 days a week, sausage biscuits, and smoothies (nearly every day)! A good breakfast can lead to a great day!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: softball at Coffee

Tuesday: softball at Tattnall

Jr. Class rings will be delivered at 7:45 AM


Thursday: softball at Pierce

Cross Country at Ware

JV football home vs Appling

Friday: football at Charlton

Saturday: Cross Country at Golden Isles





Great first week!! 2018-2019

We had a great first week at BCHS! The teachers and students were magnificient all week long!

We will begin on new vocabulary words school wide on Monday. Students will be learning 10 academic vocabulary in all four blocks and will be quizzed in all four block over these words. Teachers will have the autonomy to add in content vocabulary words in their class. It will be paramount for your students to learn these 10 words because they will be recieve a quiz grade every week in every class!

The softball team competed in a handful of away games and the football team hosted defending state champion, Clinch County, on Friday night. The cheerleaders and band did an amazing job creating a wonderful atmosphere!

This week at BCHS:

Monday: JV and Varsity softball at Lowndes

Tuesday: JV and Varsity softball at Camden

Wednesday: Underclassmen/Staff pictures

Last chance for Senior pictures

Thursday: Softball at Glynn Academy

Friday: football is off

Open House and New to the Nest

We welcome all students and parents to our open house tonight! We have decided to open up all student schedules — students can view their schedules on PowerSchool at this time! The only students that may have some “holes” in their schedules will be those that are doing dual enrollment classes with a local college. We are working to finalize those courses!

We are requesting that all 9th grade students and parents be at our “New to the Nest” event tonight! It will start sharply at 5:00 PM tonight. We will go to homeroom and then have a simulated day by ringing the bells and allowing students to travel from class to class! We hope this will ease some anxiety for students on the first day!

We are excited about the new school!! We are asking every student and faculty member to step up and be the change… if you see someone needs help, help them — don’t wait for someone else to do it – let’s step up together and help each other!!!

Please be aware that we are not taking schedule change request at this time. We will have a procedure for schedule change request at open house tonight or students can following the procedures that will be discussed in homeroom on Monday!

Please let us know if you have questions! We will do our best to answer them in a timely manner!!