Happy Thanksgiving! Go Herons!

What a wonderful week we had at BCHS!!! The students are working hard in the classroom and our extra curricular activities/teams continue to show out in their areas! This week our FFA had a team win regionals and make it the the state competition, FBLA had students win awards (some 1st place), and both our basketball teams played hard again Wayne County!!

At the board meeting Monday night we were able to recognize a large group of students from softball, the band, and the FFA!! Go Herons!!

This week Mrs. Chesser set up the thank notes for teachers to write to each other and the administrative team decide to make that full scale and have the students do the same for their favorite teacher/coach! What a site that was to see them posted all around lunchroom!!!! On Thursday I challenged to teachers to eat lunch with their students to help build relationships beyond the classroom. That was truly amazing- students and teachers alike enjoyed talking and hanging out!

What a blessing our students are, as well as our faculty and staff!! The faculty and staff were given their notes from the students and staff as well as a staff T-shirt on Thursday afternoon!!

Please remember that we have just 12 days until EOC’s start! Please make sure your children are focusing on doing their best on the test. However, don’t put so much pressure on them that they cannot focus! Ultimately, we want them to do great on the test and we want our school test scores to be wonderful- but we don’t want that to overshadow the importance of students giving their all and simply doing the best they can do! We are proud of our Herons and are confident that the hard work they’ve put in this semester has prepared them for this challenge!

Thisweekat BCHS:

No school ALL week.

Monday: basketball at Jeff Davis (1:30- boys & 3:00- girls)

Tuesday: wrestling at Glynn (10:00)

Saturday: basketball (JV boys start at 4:15) others to follow

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