Great Opening Week 

Brantley County High School students started off the week with a plethora of extra-curricular activities, grade level meetings, and an introduction to their content for the semester! We are hoping that everyone got in the classes needed/desired and that everyone has a success school year! The faculty and staff are really excited that the kids are back on campus!!! Helping them be successful is what makes us educators happy! 

This week in athletics saw the Varsity softball girls go 1-1 against some larger schools and the JV girls winning 14-0. The band had their kickoff at the stadium on Thursday night and the football team and cheerleaders were in Clinch County on Friday night for a scrimmage! FCA had a great crowd Friday morning and many other clubs are getting under way soon! Please see your handbook to find a group that fits you! 

Sports this week: 


Monday- Varsity away at Darien 

Tuesday – JV & Varsity away to Camden 

Thursday- JV & Varsity home to Tattnall


Friday- home to McIntosh County 

*** Reminder- early release on Monday, August 21. 

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