BCHS Exemption Policy – 2017-2018

BCHS’s exemption policy 2017-2018 

A reward for students who meet the criteria in both academic and attendance related indicators! Any student meeting the criteria will be required to have a parent signed exempt form to be eligible for exemption from their final exams (this is per class). Students that are exempt will receive their cumulative average of the two nine weeks as their final exam grade. Students are allowed to take the exam even if exempt, but if they do, they will receive the grade that is made on the final exam. 

All students will continue to take a pre & post test in their classes which will be used as a data point for each students growth, but these academic measures will be separate from the final exam. 

*Reminder, for students to be excused from any absences they must turn in a parent or doctors note within two days of their absence. These will not be accepted outside of this period (per the student handbook). 

**Any student exempt, with parent signed exemption form returned, will not be counted absent on finals day!

Brantley County High School


Final Exam Exemption Policy
A student may be exempt from the final exam in a course if they meet the following criteria:

  • A student has a class average of 75-79 with 0 absences
  • A student has a class average of 80-89 with 2 or fewer excused absences.
  • A student has a class average of 90-100 with 3 or fewer excused absences.

Final Exam Dates:

Semester 1: December 19 and 20

Semester 2: May 24 and 25

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