BCHS Parking Passes



There will be a change in the way we are selling parking passes the upcoming school year. Every student will be required to have a parking pass to park on campus (including on the opposite side of the football field). All parking passes will be $10.00.  

2017 – 2018 Student Parking Pass Purchase Dates
Students Dates Price
Potential Honor Graduate Seniors July 24 and 25 $10
Potential Honor Graduate Juniors July 26 and 27 $10
Potential Honor Graduate Sophomores July 28 $10
All remaining students July 31 thru August 8 $10

Students will not be allowed to park on campus without a parking pass beginning August 9.  This includes the lot on the other side of the football field.  

Students, or their parent/guardian, are the only ones allowed to purchase parking passes.  No fellow students or other family members will be allowed to purchase a pass for a student.

Students without a parking pass will park on the opposite side of the football field for the first two days of school until a parking pass is purchased.  However, beginning August 9, students will not be allowed to park anywhere on campus without a pass.

All parking passes will be sold in the front office and students must bring:

  • a copy of their insurance card
  • driver’s license
  • completed form with parent signature

Forms will be available for pick-up starting Wednesday, July 19.  The form will also be posted on social media and sent out via student email.  

If a student misses their purchase date, they may purchase their parking pass on any of the other scheduled days after their missed date.

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